We Are Not Exterminators
We Are Not An Animal Trapping Service
We Are Bat Removal & Exclusion Specialists

What this means to you is simple: We will remove and exclude all of the nuisance bats which you're currently having problems with. We will seal your home or building from the roof to the foundation to Guarantee against future problems with roosting bats. We'll eliminate any potential points of entry and use the correct repair materials and replacement components so bats will not find an opening into your living or working quarters. Your structure will be bat free and our finished product will look good.

Finding every area that offers bat entry is best left to those few of us who are truly bat removal and exclusion specialists. We are the one's who know what, where, why and how. We will be able to safely rid you of your bat problems and will know how to best make the necessary exclusionary repairs using the proper materials in the appropriate locations.

Bats may enter a structure anywhere there is an opening; from the rooftop to the foundation

Some Added Benefits in having Us perform your Bat Control work includes Helping Prevent:

Weather damage • Heating and Cooling loss • Insect entry • Rodent intrusion


Using our field proven & time tested techniques, we allow bats to exit their roosting areas naturally, through our specially made Exclusionary Devices. Our methods don’t fail and never harm the bats.

Once the bats are out for the evening, they cannot re-enter because we have professionally sealed the entire structure against re-entry. The bats are not harmed and seek an alternate place to live. Bats are territorial and they will normally stay in your area once they have been excluded. This does not mean they will move to your neighbor’s house. If the building has not been properly sealed, the bats may enter another opening in the same building. If the bats are sealed in their roost, there is a very good chance they will enter the living or working areas, or if they are trapped they may decay and cause staining, a foul odor and may attract flies and protein feeding beetles. We have the skill and knowledge to do it right.

A Full-Grown Big Brown Bat only needs an opening of ¼ inch by 1½ inch, the thickness of a standard yellow number two pencil. Not all of the bats in a particular roost necessarily leave the roost every evening and they may come and go throughout the evening.


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