The Value is not in the amount paid…
The value is in what you get for your payment.


Your thoroughness and attention to detail were extraordinary. You never lost patience with me, even after all my panic stricken midnight calls to you due to bats in the house. You just don't find service like that any more. Thinking back, at first glance I may have felt your price was a bit high, but, in retrospect I must say that I feel you earned every penny. ( And then some!)....

North Branch





I’ve been meaning to write for a few days, but hadn’t found the time yet. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for all your superb work & advice concerning Oxbow Courtyard Condos. After your final visit, the co-owners in the affected building reported the noise in the walls completely disappeared. So, it sounds like both the bat and the mouse problem were cleared up. We all really appreciate everything you’ve done for us, above and beyond the call of duty. We’ll certainly recommend you whenever we get the chance.

Thanks again!

**** ***** White Lake


I wanted to thank you all for the excellent service provided to us.  It was quite scary when we awoke to a bat flying around our heads while sleeping several months ago in our master bedroom.  Your team, from the receptionist to the specialists, were always knowledgeable and professional.  They came out last week to remove the devices.  I informed them that so far it's been quiet at the ***** residence.

We were very pleased with your service and will recommend you to anyone that has the need for your expertise.
Keep up the GREAT job!
Sleeping easier in Lake Orion!


Thank you so much for your prompt services. We have been “bat free” for a month now and I am elated! Even though your prices were higher than I expected, it will be worth it providing they don’t come back in the spring. I will gladly recommend your services to others.

Thanks again!
***** *******


Thank you for your prompt and courteous follow-up service. It is greatly appreciated. I checked our attic last week and all seemed clean. I hope we have seen and heard that last of our visitors.

God bless,
*** ***********
St. Clair



I wanted to thank you for your fine service and perseverance in taking care of our bat problem. At the beginning of our business relationship you had explained to my husband and I that a log home with bats is a huge challenge as there are so many places for them to hide. As I mentioned to you I think the little brown bats loved our place the day it was built and made it their home, which as long as they stayed outside and did what bats do was OK, we thought. But to make a long story short, due to changes in our home, a new roof, repairs for leaks, etc., the bats found their way inside our home, not just occasionally and not just one or two! Working with you and your assistant Andi, who was knowledgeable and always very positive and encouraging each time we spoke, kept me on track. As you know, I did have to do some bat catching myself. It seems the more we removed them the more they kept coming back!; Finally, success! You were able to pin point the last spot where they were finding their way in and we are bat free. I can finally relax.

To anyone in need of your unique service, I recommend Bat Masters highly. If a prospective customer has any questions, ask them to call me!

Best regards and much success,
***** ******


Your expertise and your professionalism went far beyond what we expected after speaking with two animal removal services. Knowing you are exclusive bat excluders and really know your business has finally let me out of the dog house.

Thank you Bat Masters!
***** *********

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