Myths & Truths


• Bats are not blind. Some bats actually have good eyesight. Only the insectivorous use echolocation.
• Bats do not make nests in your hair. Bats do not nest, they roost... and never in your hair.
• Bats don’t usually attack people, they are very small and normally gentle animals. Bats are wild animals, and all personal contact with wild animals should be avoided.
• Bats are not flying mice. Bats are not rodents, they are their own mammalian order: Chiroptera.
• Bats can enter an opening the thickness of a standard yellow #2 pencil and 1-1½ inches long. Not a dime sized hole.
• They do not chew, or gnaw their way in. There are usually enough openings already, no matter when your structure was built.
• Bats may choose to stay in the building to hibernate through winter months. They may hiberate in attics, walls, ceilings etc.
• Placing Bat Houses in your yard will not deter bats from your home or building.
• When bats are in the attic, they are usually hidden in nooks and crannies or under insulation, unless it is very hot.
• There are NO SAFE deterrents which actually work long term that we are aware of which is safe for you and your family.


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